Peek –A- Boo Baby ICU will focus on maximizing trust within patient
hospital relationships but most importantly to magnify the time and quality of
care administered to each patient.
We will include security protected software/ spyware while remaining
HIPPA regulated so customers are under a safe and secure network. We
adhere to the best standards regarding health information and stand as a
business who supports policy so that our customers know they are protected.
With this solution we aim to grow pediatric departments nationwide within 6
months- 1 year.
Here at Peek- A –Boo ICU baby were proud to be keeping parents
connected with their new bundles of joy as they grow strong and experience
milestones during hospitals care. Peek-A-Boo Baby would love to help
transform the experience of mother and child having to split due to health issues
.Peek-A-Boo Baby ICU would be a great partnership for hospitals all over the
world who embraces the changes and requirements needed for growth and
honoring patients’ needs and knowledge of the safety and security of their
babies hospital stay. With this attitude a partnership with Peek- A-Boo Baby can
transform and flourish the patients – hospital retention levels in a way that is
manageable, sustainable and profitable.